Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get in regards to our products. Undoubtedly you'll have questions not addressed here; in those cases please call Kelly Foundry. In the meantime, this guide should prove to be very useful.

WHAT IS A CASTING? A casting is a product which is formed by pouring molten metal into a form or mold. At Kelly Foundry, castings are made out of bronze, brass, or aluminum and take the form of plaques, letters, or specialty products such as logos or medallions .

WHAT IS THE BASIC CASTING PROCESS?  Kelly Foundry is able to photographically reproduce the inscription of a plaque, which may include artwork* or virtually any letterstyle, into a pattern from which the casting is made. Essentially, we make an impression using a pattern, whether it be a letter or a plaque, between two flasks full of chemically treated sand. Once we have removed the pattern, the impression is left in the sand and this void is filled with whatever molten metal is required. After cooling, the casting goes through a series of steps including sandblasting, rough inspection, drilling , tapping, tooling, finishing, and final inspection.

WHAT ARE CAST PLAQUES USED FOR? Cast plaques have many uses, but the purpose of the plaque usually falls into one of these four categories? To Identify Cast plaques provide an excellent and highly professional medium to identify buildings, businesses, and institutions of all types. Bronze plaques mounted to a walnut woodmount provide an especially dignified personal nameplate as well. To Dedicate Cast plaques provide the most striking and lasting material to dedicate buildings, rooms, landmarks, parks , etc . To Commemorate To honor or memorialize people, groups, events, and achievements, cast plaques are excellent selections. Honor rolls, such as those for past presidents, those killed in combat, etc., often take the form of a cast plaque. To Recoqnize Colleges and universities, hospitals, religious organizations, government and other institutions often choose a cast plaque to recognize those persons, firms, or groups who have contributed to the institution's success, financial, or otherwise.

WHY BUY CAST METAL PLAQUES? Cast plaques offer the most permanent and dignified way to identify, dedicate, commememorate, or recognize people, places, or deeds . Cast metal plaques are a symbol of quality, distinction, professionalism, and prestige. *Camera ready black and white artwork is required from customer. They offer the greatest versatility to accent or compliment any architectural theme or design. They can accommodate virtually any design, including logos, bas reliefs, or other artwork. They greatly enhance the image of any business or institution with which they are associated. They can be custom made to reflect a wholly unique design or message. They may be mounted on virtually any surface indoors or outdoors. They withstand extremes in temperature . They are essentially vandal proof. Special logos, emblems, trademarks, reliefs, etc., may be cast separately.

WHY BUY FROM KELLY FOUNDRY? Our castings have a fine reputation for quality as the result of our long tradition of a dedication to excellence. Because our plaques are photographically reproduced, it is impossible to get crooked letters or uneven spacing. We offer a fine product at a competitive price. Our casting technology enables us to reproduce black and white artwork onto cast plaques, whether it be a logo, a special emblem, a signature, or any other artwork. Kelly Foundry has many standard emblems including fire departments, fraternities, military. organizations, and many others which may be cast onto your plaque at no additional cost. Kelly Foundry offers a choice of about 25 letterstyles to choose from. Sculptors can model any three dimensional relief you may require. This may include any kind of modeling but often takes the form of a bas relief of an individual (modeled portrait). We will send to you for your approval a detailed Quote or provide a half-scale print of the plaque's inscription as it will appear in a cast form. Kelly Foundry casts from Certified bronze, brass, or aluminum ingot. Not Scrap Metals. Mounting hardware and instructions are included with your order. We offer a choice of five standard border styles, two background textures, and twelve background finishes. All cast plaques receive a final clear coat of Protective Finish which inhibits oxidation and helps to preserve the finish.